Garlands are one of my favourite home decorations. I love to change with the seasons and prefer a minimalist Scandinavian approach to decoration. These circle garlands keep things strikingly simple, yet fully festive. The gorgeous orange, gold and black colours are perfect for halloween, and they could easily be left up afterwards too. Check out the easy instructions below.

To make this garland you will need:

black cardstock
orange cardstock
gold cardstock
– something circular to use as a template ( we used a deodorant can )
– a sewing machine
orange cotton


Draw around your circular template on each sheet of coloured card, and cut out the circles. We used 2 different sizes of deodorant cans measuring 3.5cm and 4cm in diameter for our garland.

Once all the circles are cut, sew together using a sewing machine, leaving a gap between each circle

We followed a gold, orange, black pattern, but you could sew randomly.

And there you have it! I beautiful Halloween garland!

Thriftyish Tips

– You can easily make a 2-meter garland from just 1 sheet of each colour.
– We wanted a really glitzy gold card, and plan to use the remaining sheets for Christmas crafts, but a golden gift bag may work out cheaper.
– These could easily be used as streamers too, but you might need a double-sided golden card, the one we used is only golden on one side.