Plans for 2022

As a new year begins, I thought it would be interesting to write about the plans I have made for 2022, even if just to look back on at the end of this year and nod along or shake my head!

Personal Plans

Continue the degree in Computing and IT

So far I have achieved between 90-99% on all my assessments, and I would love to pass my first module with a distinction (85% and above is a distinction).

Launch a website design business or find part-time work

I have been building and maintaining websites since my teenage years, and I love everything about the creative process. I have built a range of websites from ecommerce sites to business directories. If I don’t set up my own web design business, I want to find a part time position that fits alongside the children and degree, and hopefully utilises some of my ICT knowledge and skills, this might be easier said than done…

Continue learning French

Over the past year, mostly during lockdown, I spent time gaming and became an active member of a multinational gaming community. Although our community speak English as our common language, we have people who speak Swedish, Dutch, French, Spanish, Greek and German. It’s truly fascinating learning about different cultures, and people from all walks of life, from students to IT professionals & teachers. Some people speak three languages fluently, and it inspired me to learn a new language. I chose French, but I would also like to learn Spanish when I am fluent in French.

Be more social

We moved house in late November 2019, and covid hit in February 2020. It gave me an excuse to become a hermit. Actually, it’s not been brilliant for my mental health , and I have a bad habit of keeping people at arm’s length and not letting anyone get to know me, so my resolution for this year is to give more of myself to friends old and new.

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I am all or nothing when it comes to reading, I either can’t put a book down and will stay up until the early hours of the morning reading, or I don’t touch a book in months. I want to aim to read for at least 15 minutes each day this year.

Up the creativity

I want to dedicate more time to the creative things in my life, photography, graphical design and videography. I plan to upskill my graphical design by practising logo design in Adobe Illustrator (for vector-based design) and learning how to animate in Animate CC and Adobe After Effects. I am hoping I can use these skills in my Webdesign business.


Continue the weight loss

I gained almost 3 stones between our house move and covid lockdown. I lost over a stone before Christmas, and plan to lose another 2 stones this year.

Run at least 10k a week, or 100 times in 2022

Running is so good for mental health, as well as fitness. I am a sporadic runner, and I want to try and even it out this year. My aim is to run at least 10k a week, or run 100 times in 2022.

Interior Plans

Decorate the living room

The living room has been on the decorate list since we moved in. I definitely want new blinds and am undecided whether to try and change the fire surround and have a wood-burning stove fitted

Decorate Lilys room

Lilys room needs a fresh coat of paint, this shouldn’t be a big job!

Decorate James room

James room needs a false wall with doorway fitting and some shelves building in the storage space behind the door. It will also need plastering, an electrician to move some sockets and a new blind and carpet.

Decorate hallway

I already have most of the paint. This is just an awkward job with 3meter ceilings. The carpet really needs replacing too, but will definitely have to wait until the children are older!

Make the 2nd bathroom usable (at long last!)

We have 2 bathrooms on the second floor, the second is a sani-flo bathroom, which has been out of service for the last few months as the sani-flo needs a new motor.

Exterior Plans

Replace the roofing on the back shed

We plan to turn the back shed into the tool/potting shed. Before we do this, we need to have a really good clean and paint inside, and replace the roof!

Create a ‘gym’ shed

Our oldest child is really interested in fitness, and I am equally interested in encouraging him away from screens. We have had an idea to clear and paint our current storage shed, and search for some second-hand gym equipment – including a cross trainer, a rowing machine and some weights that all the family can use.

Create a ‘hang-out’ space for the children.

We want to clear out the third shed, so we can paint the inside and decorate with some nice fairly lights, seating and storage. We want a space that the children can spend time in with their friends and possibly even sleep outside in summer.

Parenting Plans

Create a family bucket list

We have cancelled so many things over the last two years. I want to make a list of all the things we want to do and places we want to see so we can start ticking some things off each weekend. Joining the national trust is definitely on the list!

Encourage reading

The children are already huge readers, I want to continue this year by researching some more books they might enjoy, and also books that teach them about other cultures and books that inspire them.

Encourage after school clubs

Because of covid, the children have missed so many things. The girls started gymnastics at the end of 2021, and they are really enjoying it and making new friends. I hope that they can continue this year. I think James might like football.

Encourage hobbies

I really want to encourage the children to follow their hobbies. James likes programming and is creating a new game. Lily is enjoying learning French, baking and playing the keyboard. Amy and Ava are both really creating and enjoying making things.

More family nights

One of the things I enjoyed most about Christmas was the time we spent together. As the children grow, we are finding it harder to find films that they all enjoy but games are something we can all enjoy together. I want to set some time aside at weekends to play games together and enjoy each others company!

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