Oh, Hello there!

Welcome to Chasing Simplicity

I am Hannah 

I write about our journey to lead a simple life

With more experiences and fewer things

With less money and more time

With more mindfulness and less waste

and I would LOVE to inspire you to do the same…


Our Values

We believe the best things in life aren’t things. 

Being together with no distractions 

Singing songs, solving riddles, reading books, playing games

And capturing memories with photography, 

both the perfect and imperfect ones.


The recession in 2008 made things hard for everyone. 

Like many families found we had more money outgoing than incoming. 

We were struggling and living well below the poverty line 

We cut back to the bare minimum, lived simply and we paid every spare penny towards our debt. 

It took 6 years, but in 2014 we became debt free! We vowed we would never have credit again or live beyond our means again.

Living intentionally

Our journey to minimalism started unknowingly. We were struggling financially, and we decided to empty our house of things that we didn’t ‘need’ to sell help us out in the short term. I began walking around the house actively looking for things to sell, what things did we have that we didn’t want or need anymore… It became slightly addictive if I’m honest.

It’s not just about possessions. It’s an intentional mindset, and it’s about simplifying your life, commitments, and time so you spend more time doing things that make you happy.

An Eco - Friendly Ethic

Minimalism made us more aware of our surroundings.

Having less made us realise how little we really need.

We started to research every purchase to buy quality, not quantity

We started to look into the ethics of what we were buying, as well as considering how to dispose of things.

We realised that every single purchase we make also casts a vote for the sort of planet we want to live on.