Dear Beautiful Amy

Its been 3 months since our last letter, and wow have you changed since then!

You are so happy and content, you light up our world in so many ways. You love cuddles and being close, but you are confident enough to play further away. You love being part of the family and joining in, but you are equally content to explore alone.

Amy - Two and a quarter

You are a true free spirit, you love independence and learning new things. You are completely uninhibited and you don’t see why you should wear clothes, or conform, it’s refreshing and we should take a few lessons from you (although maybe not the nudist one, people would complain).

Last week you decided you didn’t want to wear nappies, so you simply took them off (yes, all of them!). We began toilet training, you picked it up really quickly this time, which is excellent news as you refuse to wear nappies anymore! We let you carry your potty to the toilet and empty it, although this is nerve wreaking for mummy it really encourages you do well! You enjoy flushing the toilet, you wash your hands asking for ‘soap please’, and you try and dry your hands on the hand towel.

You have bad days, we can see the disappointment on your face after an accident, and we say ‘oh well, next time’. When you get it right, you jump up and down in excitement and cheer! You love telling everyone that you have used the toilet, you use all your vocabulary skills to talk us through all the steps in order and we can see the pride in your huge smile!


Amy - Two and a quarter

You are really good at communicating, and your speech getting clearer each day (apart from the word sock, you can’t say the s, and it sounds more like a c, and awkwardly you like to talk about your socks a lot!). You mostly talk in sentences now, we talk constantly about everything from animals to feelings and you understand and can respond appropriately.

You sometimes talk in baby chatter, but we understand in the way that only parents can. Today you asked for ‘orange juice’, instead of your normal request for ‘juice’, and you correctly chose and pointed to the correct colour cup.

You are able to stand your ground with your siblings. You are normally good natured, but you aren’t always fair with them and they tend to give into your demands! You have learnt a blood-curdling cry, and normally save it for special moments, like when someone has a toy that you would like.

You absolutely love ‘Team UmiZumi’ on TV, especially the robot ‘Bot’, and if it were possibly I think you would jump inside the TV and join them. As far as TV programs go we don’t mind this one, it teaches you numbers, patterns, direction and logic, already you can count to 10 and know your colours.



You know when you are being naughty (like emptying all the hair accessory’s onto the living room floor, or emptying all the toilet roll into the toilet) and when you realise someone is watching you jump!

 You have such am amazing smile, its hard not to return, even when you are being naughty and we are trying to be serious. Just like your mummy, your face conveys a thousand words, everything from joy and pride to hurt and frustration. You sometimes try to hide your smile, but not very well!

Your expressions make us smile everyday. Your smile warms our hearts.


You have a beautiful connection with you brother and sisters, you adore them, and they adore you. Watching you play with J and L, I often think you are the one that brings you all together. They have a lot of time for you, and hug you when you are upset or hurt, and involve you in all their games.

You hate to see anyone upset, and if you hear anyone crying (especially Ava) you don’t settle until you know they are okay. Recently when you heard Ava crying in her cot, you responded immediately, by jumping off the toilet, trousers by your ankles and waddled into our bedroom to hold her hand and help her find her dummy.

You are such a character, and we have an amazing connection. You have shown me an whole new depth to love, and a strength I never knew I had.
I am so proud to be your mother, and honoured to be such a special part of your life.

You are part of me, I love you unconditionally, I always will.

I am one very lucky Mummy