Back To Basics

This last week has felt much more ‘normal’ than any other week for the past six weeks. It’s taking a while to get back into a routine after Christmas, and the children are still expecting later bedtimes, their own food orders for lunch and generally being able to potter about doing whatever they feel like. While none of that is horrible, we need a better routine for the faster-paced school days and my sanity! It happens every school holiday and it takes a while for us all to adjust back and find a happy medium.

Swimming Lessons

Just before Christmas, Amy moved up into the next stage Swimming lesson. This means all three older children are at the same stage & lesson again (for as long as it lasts!) I really am not sure how I feel about this yet…. On one hand, I am happy to free up our Saturdays again. On the other hand, I now have 30 minutes to get from the school to the swimming lesson. Including; parking up and gettting three children changed while juggling the slightly feral toddler. Then I have to entertain the toddler in the sauna-like viewing area, sat like a sardine for 30 minutes- all on my own. I feel like I need some like of high-five from the staff on the way out for making it out alive.

Toilet Training

We are toilet training at the moment, Ava is almost 100%, but when she utters the toilet word, it’s still a bit like a ticking bomb and we have to find a toilet fast. She is waking in the night to use the toilet too, and she still needs a hug & milk to settle her back to sleep. On average she is awake a three or four times a night, and it’s just exhausting. She doesn’t need the milk now she is eating & drinking well, and for our sanity I know we need to help her drop her milk feed, which will reduce the amount she is waking in the night for the toilet.

Back on focus

This week we have been researching how we can reduce our plastic waste. Reducing our waste in general (and saving money along the way) is one of our aims for 2018. We already live simply and our aim is to be mortgage free before we reach forty. This fell a little bit by the wayside towards the end of 2017 and in 2018 we are looking for simple ways we can live a more cost-effective and sustainable life that don’t involve huge costs or a big change to our lifestyle.

Living In The Moment & Gratitude

It’s not much of a secret that I’ve been finding life really hard recently. I’ve been looking for a few things help me live in the moment and photography really helps. Having a reason & prompt to take my camera out of its bag and to capture those photographs is very welcome.

Writing helps too. Whether its getting thoughts out on paper, documenting our lives or sharing our knowledge as we grow and learn. Even if they are deleted shortly afterwards or remain unpublished. I know I will never win any writing awards; but just putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard is almost cathartic to write things down.

I am very grateful for this little online space and all the supportive communities around it. It’s nice to read other blogs, gain inspiration, support others, make friends. All while feeling a little bit less alone.

James, when he was helping me, use up the last of our over-ripe bananas to make banana bread. He was posing with the finished product but it ended up being a beautiful shot of him, and an awful shot of the banana bread!

Lily playing hide and seek. It is one of her favourite games at the moment, along with a new version of it called ‘sardines’. All the children hunt for one child, and whoever finds them has to hide with them – like sardines

We won’t be winning any helmet positioning awards, but I love this shot of Amy with her new bike and helmet.

Ava having lots of fun on her Toddlebike. Although I am lucky to be allowed ahead to take photographs, on her last walk with her Daddy she insisted that she was ahead at all times because she wanted to ‘win’

Living Arrows
“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” – Kahlil Gibran


  1. The Frenchie Mummy January 15, 2018 at 8:11 pm - Reply

    they look like they had so much fun! Love the girls’ hoodies too! Swimming lessons is on our list to do more often this year #LivingArrows

    • Hannah Tasker January 19, 2018 at 8:27 pm - Reply

      Thank you, Swimming has been brilliant, its great to see them gradually learn!

  2. Donna January 17, 2018 at 9:03 pm - Reply

    I’m so glad there’s a bit of normal again. I am completely with you on the swimming. It’s our Thursday night hell – and we only have two children! They have back to back lessons so I get one changed, watch twenty minutes with a child then get them changed, wait to drop one off whilst get the other from the lesson and then miss half the second one’s lesson whilst getting the other one dry and dresses, watch the last ten minutes of the second lesson and then get them dry. Eugh. Then it’s dinner time. I hate Thursdays x

    • Hannah Tasker January 19, 2018 at 8:31 pm - Reply

      Ours is on a Thursday too, we share the night of hell! I think I have this to come, J&L are three-quarters of the way through their stage before they split and move on to a new lesson, eek!

  3. Siobhan January 18, 2018 at 8:48 pm - Reply

    Such beautiful photos of your children. You have a wonderful style of writing. I have followed you on Bloglovin’ so I don’t miss future posts.


    • Hannah Tasker January 19, 2018 at 8:33 pm - Reply

      Thank you Siobhan, that’s a lovely thing to say, My writing is something I am really trying to focus on this year 🙂

  4. Mudpie Fridays January 21, 2018 at 11:08 pm - Reply

    I can totally relate to your swimming class experience I used to have the same issues with gym. I hope it gets easier soon. Beautiful photos as ever x

    • Hannah Tasker January 22, 2018 at 10:53 am - Reply

      We are thinking of starting gymnastics too, Lily has been asking for a few months and I feel like it would help her confidence. Thank you 🙂

  5. Sarah January 22, 2018 at 12:00 am - Reply

    These are such lovely pictures of all four of them – I’m glad things are starting to return to normal a bit for you. And I don’t envy you the swimming thing – I have enough trouble just getting Toby to his lesson and changed on time, never mind three of them! #LivingArrows

    • Hannah Tasker January 22, 2018 at 11:00 am - Reply

      It can be a bit of a nightmare, especially when Ava decides to nap as we arrive! Thank you xx

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