I’ve spent a lot of time recently feeling well and truly caught up in the fast pasted culture that we live in. It’s relentless, we balance so many commitments and inevitably something has got to give.

After becoming run-down and ill earlier this week, Mr T took some unplanned holiday to look after me and the children. He’s my rock and I am so lucky to have him.

Balancing Time

It got me thinking about time, and how we had been spending our time. I realised that the most important things to me have been pushed aside in the last few weeks.

I value time with the children, time with Mr T and time for creativity and thought.

Of course I spend time with my children, but with the pull of housework, I am normally multi-tasking, trying to get jobs finished so its not really quality time.

I’ve sat next to Mr T while reading through work, yes we were together, but was it quality time?

The Simple Life

For a few years we have aspired to simple life. Simple in the sense that we de-clutter and live minimally, surrounding ourselves with just the things really love. (With four children, its working progress!)

Simple in the sense that we avoid things (and people!) that attract instability and drama.

Simple in the sense we enjoy simple pleasures, walks, reading, wholesome food & creativity

Quality time

One thing I am guilty of is overcommitting and saying Yes to things that sound amazing, but are they truly important?

I do need to cut back on some of my commitments, stop making so many plans, and I need to make time specifically to spend with my little family, and time for myself too.

That’s what we have planned for this weekend, quality time together, decorating our little house for Christmas, talking, baking, crafting, cuddling and relaxing.

The Ordinary Moments

Watching a film together before bed. I tried taking a photo while they were cuddled together, but its so dark the photos didn’t turn out very well and then the children moved, so I didn’t get my photo.  I think it was getting to a scary part, I love how they all have the same engrossed expression.

The Ordinary Moments

We love cuddles with Daddy.

Do you make time for the things that are most important to you?

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