We are about two years into our minimalist journey, and it really has had a huge impact on our lives, so much so I wanted to share the benefits we have found.

When I talk about minimalism, I often refer to it as a ‘journey’, it’s something we still work on every day.  Even after two years, it’s only recently I have become comfortable referring to myself as a minimalist.

It’s a common misconception when talking about minimalism, that people think of the aesthetic or the trend, rather than a mindset. People think of pristine white kitchens, with expensive furniture and green plants. Whilst I think that some minimalists aspire to that image, its core meaning is much deeper.

To me, minimalism is intentionality. A focus on whats important, by intentionally removing the things that arn’t important.

5 Benefits of a Minimalist Life

  1. You will have more money.

    Without unnecessary purchases, you will have more money. We find ourselves investing in better quality goods. I spend hours researching purchases to make sure its both a good investment and something I love. The extra money could also go towards reducing debt, reducing hours at work or pursuing a dream. Whilst reducing debt doesn’t sound exciting, being debt free definitely does! Our aim is to pay off our mortgage before we are 40, so we can travel and consider early retirement.

  2. You will spend less time cleaning.

    We have fewer things in our house, meaning less to clean. An empty worktop can be cleaned in seconds. A clear floor can be vacuumed or mopped easily. We own fewer clothes now too, meaning the clothes mountain doesn’t mount up, and it’s easier to wash, iron and put away. I am working on building a capsule wardrobe for myself and the children to help reduce ‘clothes mountain’

  3. You will be more mindful of waste

    I have to be honest; before we started living a simpler life, I didn’t really think much about the impact on the environment. It wasn’t that I didn’t care, it just didn’t cross my mind. Now when I visit the waste recycling center it really does make me feel a little bit sick. The sheer amount of things that go to landfill that could be recycled or reused in some way.  I am a much more mindful consumer now and find it really sad that even fruit and vegetables often come packaged in plastics. Small changes do make a significate difference, anything you can do to minimise waste is positive.

  4. You will have more focus.

    Clutter really is distracting, it creates noise and it can have a negative impact on your work. A lot of research has proven that multitasking is bad for productivity and that switching back and forth between tasks is a waste of energy because it takes our brains a while to refocus. In the same way, noise from clutter can distract us and our thought process, making it harder to concentrate.

  5. You will learn more about yourself

    Minimalism is a journey of self-discovery. By removing the possessions, commitments, and values that are no longer important, you begin to discover what is important and what adds meaning to your life. I once read that;

    Passion + Values = Meaning

    Minimalism encourages you to follow those passions, and focus on those values, encouraging you to live a fulfilling, fun, and meaningful life.

These are the 5 benefits I have found through living a simpler, more minimalist life.

What benefits of minimalism have you found?