Dear Beautiful Amy

You are four years old, just where did the last year go little lady?

If I had to choose just one word to describe my little Amy it would be happy. You always have a smile on your face or a spring in your step. You are like a shining star and your happiness is contagious and you really do bring so much happiness to our little family.

You have an incredibly cute voice and a fantastic way of describing things. You had pins and needles in your foot and you told me your foot was sparkling.

You started a new nursery in September and you have settled really well. I am blown away with the level you are working at and your ability to soak up information. You had a sharing assembly at school, and your class all sat on chairs facing the whole school and parents. Each member of your class had a chance to talk on the microphone in front of the whole school. You told the school about your favourite toy, your shark which was a present from your visit to an aquarium.

Later in the assembly, your class was sharing what you had been learning that term, and your teacher asked you what plants needed to grow. You were amazing and using the microphone you explained that plants need seeds, soil, sunlight, rain and seeds. You mentioned seeds twice but that was pretty amazing considering you were talking in front of the whole school using a microphone!!

You have a reading journal and you desperately want to learn to read. You love reading and all stories and often listen to your siblings read on an evening. Lily has been playing teachers with you too, learning you how to blend letters to make words. You successfully blended t-r-o-ll-s to say trolls. You really enjoyed learning about alliteration and you can identify words that sound the same and or begin with the same sound.

You are a really fussy eater, and I’m really not sure how you are still growing. You must be made up of 50% yogurt, 25% toast & 25% dessert.

At the beginning of the year we started a new tradition of having a ‘games night’ on a Friday night. We all sit down and play games together around our kitchen table. You love games like snakes and ladders and Monopoly where you move around the board. You love playing dominoes too and prefer to play on your own, you are so good at recognising the numbers and you often win!

You mentioned the word ‘cuggle’ in your sharing assemble, and that word is definitely a word we made up! It’s funny because its a word we use so freely at home. Its half ‘hug’, half ‘cuddle’ and it wasn’t until I heard you say it over the microphone that I thought I should really teach you that the real word is ‘cuddle’. We are usually quick to teach you the correct word for things but cuggle is our word and I just love to hear you and your siblings say it.

You also love our other new family tradition of ‘movie night’ on a Saturday night. We all sit together having a huge ‘cuggle’ watching films. You love all films, but you especially love ‘Trolls’, ‘Sing’ and ‘Mohana’ at the moment. Your other favourite TV show is Paw Patrol and you know all the different words and sayings.

You absolutely love singing and dancing. You are able to remember the chorus from songs, and we recognise the song when you are singing it later. You also make up lots of songs and will happily sing for hours.

You love the colours purple and pink, and you adore unicorns & jewellery. That all makes you sound like a girly girl, but you are just as happy wrestling on the trampoline with James, climbing trees and playing in the mud.

You happily play along with James, Lily & Ava, but are equally happy playing independently when you want too. You are such a kind and caring sister to your siblings, but you find Ava difficult (we all do at times!!) she is still learning and can be rough and hurt you. You handle this really well, and come and tell me. Its so hard to see you hurt or sad.

You know your mind and own your voice. You don’t follow others easily and you think, feel and choose your own path.  My beautiful girl at just four this is incredible and I really hope this is something you hold onto and you always listen to your heart.

You are determined and you want to be exactly like your older brother and sister. You have a two-wheeled scooter like your siblings and although you must fall at least once every outing you are determined to use the scooter like your siblings. I have to remind myself that really tricky to balance and most of your peers at nursery sensibly have 3 wheeled scooters, but you love your scooter and you dust yourself off and carry on.

You tell me that you are brave, and you ARE brave Amy, so incredibly brave, but please know that it’s perfectly okay not to be brave at times too.

You really are such a happy, relaxed member of our family, you take everything in your stride. I don’t think I have really found the words to describe how much joy you bring to our little family.

We love you to the ends of the earth, and we always will.

Love Mummy