Our first week back at school

Its been a very strange, emotional week at our house, James has returned to school in Year 1, Lily has started Reception and Amy has started Nursery.


James thrives in school, he enjoys learning and loves asking questions. He’s very social and he loves making people laugh. I peeked through his window when he disappeared into his classroom on his first day, he had chosen a book and was finding a seat, he looked happy and relaxed. I have no worries about James in school, thankfully!


Lily doesn’t enjoy school quite as much as James, she spent a lot of the previous year in nursery playing with James in the reception class as they share a playground. A few days before school started we found her sat on James bed, telling him how upset she was that she wasn’t in his class, and how she didn’t think she would be able to learn without him. He was trying to reassure his little sister that she would be fine, hes a little star. We took her back to bed and she was in tears, saying she didn’t want to go.

On the first morning of school, she took me into her classroom and sat down to colour, I gave her a kiss goodbye and left her colouring in, I darent look back as I turned the corner in the classroom. I think she was relieved she had found somthing to do, though i could feel her nerves. Mr T finished work early for dinner so he could pick her up from school at lunchtime, as her school operate a phased start for the reception children and she only does morning sessions for the first two weeks. This week she finishes at twelve, next week she will stay for lunch too, and she is a fussy eater so I am not sure how that will go!

Amy, Ava and I went to wait at the street corner to meet her on her way home, she was absolutely fine and ran past me to go chat to her friend Sophia! I think she has been okay, if you ask her, she has played with no one and learnt nothing…


Our little Lily, feeling a tiny bit nervous. You can see a little in her smile, but more with her hands, she is holding her thumb.


I had been so worried about Lily starting reception, I hadn’t really thought too much about Amy starting nursery. I think part of me expected her not to settle very well and us to decide not to send her. She went for her first full day on Thursday and she was fine, she cried a little when a friend was upset but apart from that she’d been happy playing and chatting. When I collected her on Thursday, she didn’t hear the nursery lady calling her name, but she shot up when she heard me talk to Lily and she gave me a huge hug and kiss.

The walk home from nursery was an interesting one. Ava decided she wasn’t happy and started crying at the top of her lungs, Amy burst into tears too. I had collected my nephew from school too, so I had 3 walking children. I scooped Amy up onto my hip as I knew she needed the close comfort and I needed to get home quickly for Ava. (She is only two, but is very tall and looks like a 3-4 year old) and I pushed my distraught 4 month old in her pushchair with my free hand. The people who saw me must of thought I was completely crazy; though with 4 children so young people probably think that anyway!

I think Amy cried because Ava was crying and by teatime Amy was fine again and she was happily singing ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’. I asked her all about nursery and she happily told me, at the end I asked her if she wanted to go again tomorrow and she said firmly ‘no!’.

By Friday morning, she had changed her mind and wanted to go. Mr T dropped her and collected her and he said he almost had a tear in his eye when she ran over to him and said ‘Daddy, I’ve missed you Daddy!’ Giving him the biggest cuddle ever. When she arrived home she spent at least five minutes cuddling me and pointing saying ‘My mummy’ and ‘ I am Amy”, almost like she suddenly understands that everyone has different Mummy’s. She seems so grown up all of a sudden.


This week has been exhausting for us all, but I didn’t expect it to be so emotionally draining. Its been very strange at home with just our little Ava.  I had planned lots to keep me and Ava busy, but we spent the mornings relaxing and enjoying each others company. We spent the afternoons with Lily, visiting the park and enjoying our time together before she starts full days, it was really nice, but it still feels like nursery due to the part days, which means another change for us all again when the full days commence.

James is 6 years old on Wednesday, so the next few days will consist of making Minecraft characters out of icing for his cake! I really cant believe I have a six year old, where does the time go?