I was born a worrier, but since having children, I am much worse. I worry about everything from making the right parental choices to choosing the right colour paint. I think that’s one of the reasons me and Mr T are a good match. He can listen to each worry and put it immediately into prospective and put my mind at rest. He always seems to know what to say, he is fluent in sarcasm and has very sharp quick & wit (though I will never admit that to him!) but he is tactful and knows when to be serious too. He has being using those calming powers a lot this week.

James & Amy may have the dreaded Pox!

As I am writing this post, I suspect James has chicken pox. He went to bed early feeling unwell with a mild temperature and I know that one of his friends at school has had it recently. Amy also has been under the weather today and she cried at bedtime and had a slightly raised temperature, but she couldn’t really tell me why she was feeling upset or what was hurting.

A Teething Baby

Ava is laid next to me on the sofa, she is just settling down but she is having a really hard time teething. Her third tooth has appeared, and the forth one is just about to, and we have spent a lot of the week helping her to feel more comfortable and giving her lots of cuddles.

I completely forgot how teething makes them get a sore bottom too, as if its not bad enough on its own! We ran out of Metanium and for two days I tried every other barrier cream in the house, I gave her lots of nappy free time to help it heal, I applied thrush cream (just in case) and I changed her nappy twice as often and it was STILL getting worse. We bought some more Metanium and after just 2 nappy changes it is healing and looks much better.

I absolutely love cuddles, but I prefer happy ones.

A Toothless James

In other exciting tooth news, James lost his first tooth on Friday at school. He was thrilled at 6am the next morning to find that the tooth-fairy had visited, I love his new gappy smile.

Sibling Love

My favourite moment from this week was finding my two big girls cuddled up together in Lily’s bed a few nights ago. When I woke them, Lily (4 years) told me that she had a nightmare and woke Amy (2 years) and asked her to give her a cuddle. Lily told me that Amy had been upset when she woke her, but she climbed into Lily’s bed to comfort her and fell back to sleep almost immediately. I love that they were there for each other, but i feel a little bit guilty that she didn’t come into our  room, and that we didn’t hear anything!

The other moment I loved was Amy’s concern for Lily when she thought she had been crying. Amy was happily playing in the kitchen, I could hear that James and Lily were having a disagreement in the living room and I heard Lily cry out. James walked into the kitchen a few moments later and I asked him what had happened, and explained I had heard Lily cry out. Amy shot up from the kitchen floor. “Oh no, Lily crying!” Then she wondered into the Living room shouting “Lily? Are you okay Lily? Are you crying?” Lily had disappeared upstairs and was on longer in the living room. Amy’s voice could be heard calling up the stairs “Lily, LILY! You crying? Are you okay?”

Their bond is really strong, I hope they are as close later in life and I never want to forget these little moments of love.

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batman pj family photo

Batman Pj’s – I love Ava’s smile on this photo


This blurry picture is another of my favourites


It took me a few seconds to spot Ava in this picture. I really dont think she meant to do that!