James you are six years old.

Little man, you are six years old. I really can’t believe another year has flown by since your last birthday. This year is the first year you were REALLY looking forward to your birthday. You counted down each day for around 10 days.

You started Year 1 at school last week and you seem so much more grown up already. You say exactly what you mean, and you pause to search for the correct words now to express yourself. Your comprehension is improving and you ask about words you don’t know, and then try to use them in the correct places in conversations. Your voice is changing and there is a real depth to our conversations now. You have a brilliant sense of humour, laughter is our passion and it brings us closer together.


You are such a kind caring boy. (wait. I need the tissues!) There have been several times just this week I have had to stop what I am doing to give you a huge hug. You wanted me to fix a toy for you and Amy spotted it and asked for a turn, I was just explaining to her that it was your turn first when you said “Its okay Mummy, Amy can have a turn now”, and you helped Amy to take a turn.

You told me how you gave Lily a huge hug when you saw her in the dinner hall at school, when you knew she was feeling lonely and needed a cuddle.

I was having a hard day with Ava a few days ago, she wanted cuddles constantly and I was trying to cook tea and do a million things at once. You asked if there was anything you could do to make me smile (which almost made me cry!).

Earlier this week Amy spilt her tea on the floor and was feeling sad. I had given her a cuddle, taken her dirty top off, and was cleaning the floor. You took her by the hand and said “Mummy, I will help Amy find a new top while you tidy”, you went upstairs with her and came down minutes later with Amy wearing a new top, Amy was looking much happier, she was twirling with pride and saying “ta da”

You absolutely love to make people laugh and smile; your main aim in life is to make people happy. At school if you hear that someone is trying to leave another child out of a game, you let them join in, you love everything being fair and you think a lot about others.

You are really clever and logical. You love learning new things and using logic so you thrive in school. You were telling me you are learning about space and you are really excited to find out why it gets dark at night.

Today your class sang happy birthday to you. You had gone to the toilet and you could hear whispering, when you came out of the toilet you said that one of the girls smiled at you and you knew something was about to happen, you said you smiled back and everyone started singing Happy Birthday!

Your favourite birthday presents are a hot wheels set from your Nanna, and an automatic Nerf gun from me and Daddy. You have chosen to visit Eureka! for your birthday at the weekend, you love science and you are really excited.


Minecraft is your favourite game and you are so creative, you build castles, train tracks, space stations, your imagination knows no bounds. We made you a Minecraft cake for your birthday and you loved it. It was amazing to see the smile on your face, and it was completely worth every minute of the full day it took us to make it!

I always read your previous letters when I write a new letter and in one of my past letters I talked about cuddles being your favourite thing. You still enjoy cuddles and you absolutely love a kiss and a cuddle in bed before you go to sleep, but you don’t have the same passion for a morning cuddle anymore, you prefer a quick hug and then you get dressed ready to start the day. I am really going to savour our morning cuddles from now on, as I don’t know how long they will last anymore.

Last time I wrote you and Lily were competitive (in a friendly way), you have a stronger bond now and the competitiveness has vanished. Your love each other and spend a lot of time with each other playing together as friends, she looks up to you and confides her worries to you. You are the perfect big brother, you help, reassure and look after your little sister, even if your friends are there.

It makes me a little sad that you need me less each day. You don’t need to ask for help anymore because you can do things, or you know how to figure them out yourself.

You really are an amazing boy, you have so much enthusiasm and passion for life. You aren’t easily swayed from your missions, if you don’t succeed in something you try again. I have said a million times how proud I am of you, but I really am so proud. I am so lucky to be Mummy to such an amazing little boy.

We love you to the stars and back again, and always will.