Life is crazy at the moment. The days are whizzing past and the days and nights seem to blur together, some days I honestly don’t know what day it is. It’s partly to do with exhaustion. Ava is 3 months old now, and is takes lots of 20-40 minute naps in the day but still needs two feeds in the night.

In the daytime she is awake, seeking stimulation and reassurance. She doesn’t like sitting in her baby bouncer but isn’t quite strong enough to sit upright in her bumbo chair for more than a few minutes. She loves being held and cuddled, she coos and smiles and she’s a joy to be around. It’s just exhausting not putting her down!

I have a million ideas on my mind, everything from decorating and blogging to juggling finances, but I feel like we have just been surviving. I know it’s just a phase, made much more hectic by being in the middle of the school holidays with a toilet-training two-year-old and two energetic and inquisitive older children.


We had a full nights sleep. Ava slept from 11pm to 7am! This morning I literally bounced down the stairs, sang a song while preparing a feed, and even made Mr T and myself a coffee to take back to our bedroom.

We had blissful 30 minutes, just sat feeding Ava, snuggled up together. James and the girls joined us for a cuddle and it was honestly my favourite moment this week. It’s such a little thing, but its amazing the clarity that a good nights sleep can give, it has helped me put things into perspective.

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

I love this quote, its one of my favourites, its a beautiful reminder to enjoy the moment. It’s the school holidays, and instead of worrying, I want to take things a bit slower, expect a bit less of myself and just enjoy spending time with my four beautiful children.


An ordinary moment – Smiles at bathtime.


An ordinary moment. Ava relaxing in our bed, while I strip the duvet covers.