We are so lucky that we get to spend a full two weeks together as a family at Christmas. Mr T usually finishes work for the holidays at a similar time that the children finish school, and that is when we really start to feel festive. It’s just our luck that Mr T would get a sinus infection, and I would get tonsillitis, we are putting it down to being a bit rundown as we are still a little sleep deprived. We are feeling much better now, and getting more sleep each day, so I am not complaining (or trying not to anyway!)

This is a snapshot of our Christmas 🙂

Our Advent

One of the highlights of our advent was our matching Elf hats! Mummy and Daddy had one too and they are fab!


Lily decided to spend some of her pocket-money on a Olaf figurine, which she carefully painted, while sharing with Amy what she was doing. She is such a caring little lady, she is so thoughtful and good at explaining and involving others.


I love how careful she was being and how hard she was concentrating. What a difference a year makes, this time last year she received a similar thing and she needed lots of help and encouragement, this year she is the one explaining to Amy.

I love listening to her, I can hear lots of different expressions and different things she has picked up from everyone she admires and spends time around. I can hear myself, Mr T, her teacher and James when she speaks.


We made our own book advent this year, and we opened a different Christmas book to read each night. Amy especially loved all the Christmas books, and sits with them during the day, turning the pages and talking about the pictures.

I have lost count of the amount of times I read one particular book about some colourful birds. This year is the first year that James wasnt as interested, and although we bought all the books new, he had read a lot of them at school, but he still sat and listened to most of the stories.


Me and the girls on Christmas Eve. I think Christmas Eve was my favourite day of the festive season. We dedicated the full day to the Children, we baked and played games, then we had a buffet tea and watched a film together, Perfect!


Christmas Morning

We had decided against doing “Elf on the shelf” this year, but Mr T just couldn’t resist. I think he loves the elf more than the children! He brought the children these elf PJ’s on Christmas Eve. I love my little elves.


We spent Christmas morning in our PJs opening presents, unfortunately we didn’t get many good pictures, everything happened so fast!


All the children loved Lily’s new toy turtle!


Amy’s favourite present was her scooter, she loved it!


Ava loved the wrapping paper more than the gifts, she makes such a cheeky elf!


Christmas Afternoon


James favourite present was his Jedi costume and double light saber!


My cousin Reanna spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with us, she had to cancel her original plans, as her partner had an emergency operation and can’t travel. It was really nice to have her with us, she really helped make Christmas magical for the Children by helping with toys, facepaints, nail varnish and play dough while me and Mr T were busy cooking or with another child!


Lily loved the face paints!


Sitting down for Christmas dinner. Yes the children were drinking Pepsi too, bad Mummy. But they loved it, and its only Christmas once a year!


The living room Chaos (After lots of tidying!)


Lego, playdough & nail varnish!

Its been an amazing Christmas, but the best part was being together

I am joining Katie from Mummy Daddy Me for #TheOrdinaryMoments