Our Ordinary

When I first fell pregnant with J, I used to wish the weeks away. I wished he could sit up, roll, talk and walk, because it was so exciting. I think the beauty of having subsequent children is you know what happens next, and you don’t count down to the next milestone, but spend more time enjoying the moment.

As I sit typing this, J is watching a film in his bedroom. The girls were watching with him, but they both decided to climb into bed early, which is very strange, they must be tired! Ava is downstairs having a cuddle with Mr T while he watches Dr Who. (I imagine Ava staring intently at Mr T, she is definitely a Daddy’s girl, and absolutely loves a cuddle, who doesnt?!)

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with how fast paced life has become, what with school runs, homework, after-school clubs, partys, playdates and endless washing, cleaning, shopping and cooking. There is so much to remember.  Before I left work to have James, I was an Operations Manager, and before that I was an Office Manager. I am the type of person who thrives on routine and organisation and I would say we are fairly organised, but no matter how organised we are, weekdays seem so rushed. We are very lucky, Mr T’s workplace is only a 5 minutes away from our house, and he works office hours Monday to Friday. He spends a lot of time at home with our family. and is very family orientated and hands on with the children, but this doesn’t make weekdays feel any less rushed!

The weekends are our time to enjoy together, and I love them. This weekend Mr T has had a small operation, so we are taking it easy as he has orders to rest. Its the first weekend in a while where we haven’t had any plans and it has been perfect. I love watching the children when we give them time to do their own ‘thing’. I love peeking into the girls bedroom to hear L & A playing ‘teachers’. I love how imaginative Lily is, and I love listening at where her imagination is taking them. I love how Amy looks up to her big sister and follows her all around the house, but I also love how she takes more control now she is older. I love to see James curled up on the sofa, his head resting on the arm, watching Starwars. I love to see Ava laying contently in the middle of our kingsize bed, watching her siblings dart in and out of the room and smiling from cheek to cheek when they talk to her.

They are my world and I adore them, and as much as I cant wait to see them grow, for now I am doing my best to savour the moment.

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