Dear Amy

You are 20 months old and becoming more independent every day.


You are really tall and people often think your older because of your height. You are starting to slim down a little and loose some of your beautiful baby fat now you are comfortably on the move, but you still have beautifully chubby little arms, a tiny belly and chunky legs.

The back of your hair is getting longer and we can put it into a tiny ponytail, you look really cute. You love being a big girl and little face lights up now I ask if you want your hair brushing. The front of your hair and fringe are still very short, as soon as that grows you will look much more grown up!

You are much more able on your feet now, you are resilient and bumps and bruises don’t deter you from your missions. You love obstacles and will purposely walk on grass and through leaves when we go for walks. You love to shout “jump” but you cant quite jump yet, you bend down and straighten your legs but you dont leave the ground.

You love running to Daddy when he comes home, you flash him the biggest of smiles and run over to him. If he is taking his coat off you throw your hands around his legs until he reaches down to pick you up for a cuddle.

You have JUST learnt to bump down the stairs on your bum, and the speed you can bump is spectacular, it does make Mummy panic!


You are already showing signs of being very independent and fair. You like to make sure every one is included, If you are saying goodnight you like to make sure you have given everyone a cuddle.

At Nanna’s house recently, you slid down off my knee and decided you wanted to go home. You walked round the table and said goodbye to everyone, giving kisses too, then tried putting your coat on. You said goodbye and headed for the door, but when you realised that James and Lily were still sat down, you picked up their coats too and started shouting “Coat!”. You got your point across well because James thought we were leaving.

We love the way you pat the sofa when you want someone to come sit next to you.

You can be very affectionate but only when you decide to. If you don’t want to give kisses you shake your head. You sometimes dive on James and Lily but if they try to hug you and you aren’t interested, you get upset.

You love helping and your favourite jobs are putting the dishwasher tablet in the dishwasher and putting things in the dustbin. We have had a few loads of extra clean washing because you have restarted the wash cycle  just after its finished!

You love being a little sister, and miss your siblings when they are at nursery and school. You enjoy following Lily around the house, joining in her games. You like to try wrestle with James and copy what he does. You latest trick from James is to climb on the sofa and try getting down head and hands first, the problem is James’ hands can touch the floor before his body leaves the sofa and you just try and throw yourself off, you have no fear!


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You are at a tricky age where you want to be independent but a lot of things aren’t safe for you to do!

You love trying to dress yourself, and we find you in your bed with a second set of PJ bottoms on! You have learnt to pull your trousers up but sometimes struggle getting them over your nappy.If James or Lily spot you trying they help without being asked.

Every morning when James and Lily are leaving for school, you put your Wellingtons on (with your PJs) and sometimes you complete your outfit with a hat, scarf or gloves, before trying to exit the house with Daddy, James and Lily. You enjoying wearing the same clothes as Lily, it makes you both smile.

You are a good sleeper normally, but if you wake in the night you like to climb out of your bed and come to find Mummy and Daddy. At nap time you go straight to sleep, but at bedtime you like Lily to be in bed too, she helps you settle to sleep.

You are a really Daddy’s girl and love playing with Daddy, if Daddy sits on the floor you dive on him! You are a really cheeky and you have a glimmer in your eye when you are up to no good!

You are learning words at an astonishing rate and you say them in the right context now. You can say hot & cold, up and down, James and Lily, bok bok (for your bottle) mine & naughty, please, ta, now, bath, Daisy, doggy. You can say dark, “oh no”, “ot oh”. You still call me Daddy occasionally thou!

You like to draw with pencils and can hold them properly already. One of your favourite toys is our magnetic board which you love to draw on clean again! You love pushing the toy pushchair and shopping trolley around and filling it full of toys. Your favourite cuddly toy is tigger, you love cuddling tigger at bedtime.

You have started to enjoy watching TV, you really love watching “In the night garden” and “peppa pig” and you love pressing buttons on Mummys phone or the house phone and pretending you are talking to someone. Sometimes you amaze me by sitting with James and Lily and watching Scooby Do, you enjoy spending time with your brother and sister.

You are a very happy and cheeky little girl who loves playing and exploring the world around you. We cant believe you are growing so fast, but we want you to know you make us proud every single day

I will love you always and forever

Love Mummy