I’ve always loved using Frylight for cooking, it’s quick and simple to use and you saves so many calories! Then last year we decided to try and cut down on the number of single-use plastics in our home. Frylight had to go, and we decided to try and find a more eco-friendly AND cheaper alternative.

How to use a refillable oil spray bottle

Luckily for me, I found a perfect solution, and it’s so, SO simple:- a refillable oil-sprayer. I just pour my choice of cooking oil into the oil sprayer and its ready to use immediately. We chose this oil-sprayer and have been using it daily for almost a year.

It works just as well as store-bought cooking spray AND it will save you money. The only difference we found is the spray mist is slightly heavier, so rather than needed 3-4 sprays with Frylight, you would only need 1 or 2 with your own oil spray. You won’t have to worry about the additives, emulsifier or aerosols either, because you know exactly what’s going into your food.

The options for flavours are endless too, you could infuse your own oils or buy pre favoured oil to add to your refillable oil sprayer. You could even decide on a few oil sprayers for different oils.

The savings

(prices take from Tesco (November 2018)

Frylight at costs £2.30 for 190m or £1.22 per 100ml
Sunflower oil costs 80p for 500ml or 16p per 100ml
Rapeseed oil costs £1.80 for 1 litre or 18p per 100ml
Extra virgin olive oil costs £1.35 for 250ml or 54p per 100ml

Even the most expensive cooking-oils are still half the price of Frylight, without the additives or extra plastic!

Do you already use an oil sprayer? If not, will you make the switch?