Living Arrows – 41/52 {2017}
“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

What a week! Last week I wrote a little bit about how we had to cancel our plans when our car broke down. Well, we thought we had fixed it, and decided to replace the battery too just in case. It broke down AGAIN on Friday. Meaning we will have to postpone James birthday day-out for another two weeks, poor James!

I pulled up at the petrol station, filled with diesel and rather embarrassingly, this was the point it refused to start. I had to tell the cars queuing behind me that my car wouldn’t start, several of them, because as soon as one pulled away another pulled up to queue! In the end, I had to ask two awesome members of staff to push the tank (which weighs over 2 tonnes!) into a parking bay. Naturally, there wasn’t one straight ahead and I had to steer, and let me tell you there is a LOT to be said for power-assisted steering!

So instead of a gym induction, I sat in a car park, waiting for rescue. Which came in the form of Mr T, who eventually got the car started. We are going to attempt to fix it ourselves. I mean what could possibly go wrong!!

I’m sure that the gym staff think I am making up excuses to avoid my gym induction, which I had to cancel for the second week running. On the positive side, I am SURE that the scales at slimming world will love all the extra steps I’ve been doing!

Goodbye Allotment

Mr. T brought the last of our things home from our allotment, and we hand the keys over this week. It’s a bittersweet goodbye because we have had some brilliant memories from going there as a family. At the same time its a huge commitment, and we were stretching ourselves really thin, so this is definitely the right decision!

And so it has been another beautifully quiet weekend. We walked to swimming lessons and caught a bus home. The bus ride was a bit of an adventure for the children, whos first question was where were all the seatbelts!

The Quadcopter

So instead of theme park photos, we have some from when we flew James quadcopter in the garden. James has always been a bit of a tech-kid. This quadcopter is one we bought him for Christmas when he was 6 years old, although the age rating says 14+. He does need help to set it up and fly it, but he loves it ( secretly Mr. T loves it too!) To be honest I think its done really well to last as long as it has. We really need a space bigger than our garden to fly it properly and have promised to take it to a nice big field on a calm day.

Lily loves flying the quadcopter too, and Amy enjoyed having a turn. Ava is scared of the quadcopter and refuses to be anywhere near when we are flying it. So she chose to stay indoors and watch her favourite TV program, Pepper Pig. She loves Pepper, which you can see from her face in her photograph!

James & Mr T

Lily wanted the drone to fly from her hand

Lily, practising ballet

Amy dancing

Watching Pepper Pig

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Living Arrows