One of my favourite parts of being a parent is listening to some of the things that my children say, and how literally they sometimes take us!

We were at the allotment recently, we had picked all our onions and Mr T was rotavating the space ready to plant our leeks. The rotavator is really loud and James was trying to talk to his dad, Mr T tried to explain to him “I cant hear you James” and James response “Well, you need to turn the rotavator off Daddy!” Such a simple logical response, and a lovely idea, but James loves talking and if we turned the rotavator off every time James wanted to talk, I don’t think we would get chance to turn it on! But we love him and wouldn’t change him for the world.

We were recently sat in the kitchen and Mr T turned to me and said “Im knackered!” We try not to swear infront of the children, and apart from the odd spot of accidental road rage, we are normally okay. Before I had chance to reply, we heard this little voice from the kitchen floor “Oh no Daddy, you tired?” Amy, our two year old had been sat on the kitchen floor silently buttoning and unbuttoning her cardigan, and we thought she was in the other room!

We were at park recently and James was exploring, he found a statue and exclaimed loudly something that sounded like “Its made out of f***ing stone!”, I said calmly, “What did you say James?” he said “Mummy, its made out of muck and stone!” Good observation James, do you mean mud?

Amy is really fond of her socks, and talks about them a lot. Unfortunately she cant pronounce the ‘s’ and substitutes it with a ‘c’. This can be embarrassing when she spots some socks she likes and exclaims with delight. “look Mummy, a sock!”

Lily had a similar thing with ducks, she loved ducks but her ‘d’ sounded much more like a ‘f’, which made a simple walk to feed the ducks fairly embarrassing, especially when she got a little excited and shouted “duck, duck, duck, duck, duck!”

I also love the words and phrases they make up

James always asks us for a “cuggle” even now at nearly 6. Not a cuddle or a hug, always a cuggle.

When Amy likes something she says its “hmmmm, licious” as in delicious, but without the ‘del’

When Lily once had diarrhoea, she tried to tell us what was wrong. “Mummy I have dribble poo!”

When Lily gets pins-and-needles, she says her feet are “prickly”

When I was pregnant, James kept asking when the baby would “pop out”, If only it were that simple!

Do you have any new words or phrases created by your children?

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