“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

On the way home from our new school, we pass a small play park. Most days the children ask to stop and play as we pass (rainy days are usually a park free day!) Ava began walking just before the summer holidays began, and she loves walking, almost as much as she loves the park, so as we pass she is desperate to play.

When you want to rush home, passing the park is a huge distraction, especially to a 17-month-old who doesn’t understand when you try to explain she can play tomorrow.

The Story Behind the Photo

Lily was trying to distract Ava on the way past the park gate, but Ava decided she wanted to play so was holding her ground, bending her knees and loudly letting us know that she wanted to go inside. In doing that she dropped Lily’s water bottle that she was carrying and while she collected it the girls decided to stand in front of the gate so that she couldn’t go inside the park.

Ava turned to watch as she collected the water bottle and ran towards the gate, I was preparing for a tantrum or at least a protest, when…


She spun around and shouted ‘cheese’! She thought the girls were lining up for their photos taking and wanted to be part of the shot!!

My Little Team

I reached for my phone to take a photo when James shouted ‘Wait for me!’

So many people tell me that this won’t last, and I joke that they will probably not be friends when they are older, but one of my favourite parts of parenting is seeing the bonds that develop and how much they work as a team.

We call ourselves Team Tasker (our surname) and have done since the children were little. I remember James telling his nursery teacher and her mentioning it to me one day. I remember feeling embarrassed but it really helps the children feel involved and they (usually) are really good at including each other.

It is a little cheesy (well, maybe more than a little!) but it has a lovely ring to it and we are an awesome little team!




“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

with the lovely Donna at Whattheredheadsaid.com

Living Arrows