Amy – You are two years old!

Dear Amy

You are 2 years old, and this year you celebrate your special day on another special day : Easter Sunday! It definitely doesn’t feel like 2 years ago we brought you home for the first time and welcomed you into our little family. The last time we wrote you were 23 months old and you are developing so rapidly now, even reading your last letter you have changed so much.

You are truly a free spirit, you are such a happy independent little lady and as much as you enjoy praise you enjoy doing exactly what pleases you, no matter what your siblings and parents want, but luckily you are very good little girl.

You recently met Queen Elsa and Princess Anna from Frozen at two birthday parties, you were dancing on the stage with lots of older boys and girls when you first met Elsa and you couldn’t take your eyes off her. Now you love singing “Let it go”, watching the film and you love wearing a cover as a cape while you dance and twirl like a princess.


You love to join in with James and Lily, and copying what they do!

You show empathy for others when something sad happens. You were watching a film recently and something sad happened, you burst into inconsolable tears, and sat on my knee for the few minutes while you stopped crying (all the while still watching the film!). You get upset when James and Lily cry too, and try to make them feel better with cuddles and kisses! You show happiness and delight when you see familiar people, and you are more comfortable now being left with another trusted adult for short periods of time, though Mummy hates leaving you! You copy daddy and will even rub my back when I am sick to make me feel better.

Your speech is really coming on in leaps an bounds and we hold mini conversations using small sentences. Your vocabulary has almost tripled since last month. If asked if you are okay, you can explain whats happened (I fall over, head ow-ey). You are becoming very independent “I do it”, “My turn”. You can say “Auntie Caroline” very clearly, and you call Grandad “lalad”. You can sing the whole of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and do all the actions too. Your favourite words at the moment seem to be “I don’t like it” and you seem to say that to every meal we give you, even after eating most of it! You ask for juice or “bok bok” if you are thirsty and you ask for Calpol if you feel poorly. You love the words “choc choc” and “weetie”. You came to me recently with two hair brushes and said “look, two!”, you are really cleaver but I suspect your counting skills on this occasion come from counting biscuits as we normally say you can have two!

You love all songs and nursery rhymes and you start to anticipate events, like the roar at the end of “Row, row, row, your boat”

You thrive on routine and when its bedtime and you see your milk bottle, you smile, and will happily climb upstairs and into bed by yourself, if mummy and daddy are busy sorting your brother and sister.

You love playing games with James and Lily, especially hide and seek. You can count to 10 already from hide and seek, and you get excited and shout “I found you” when you find someone. You love hiding too, and you especially love it when we make dens. You are extremely good at sharing, and if James and Lily want something you have, you will often just pass it over (unless you really want it!). You love musical toys too, especially the drum, harmonica and keyboard, and you love music, if we turn the radio on in the kitchen we know you will come running in to dance!

You pretend play with Lily and you pretend to be mummy/baby & puppy/mummy. Normally you play the baby but you will happily swap roles to be the mummy, recently you were playing and Lily ran away to get a toy and instead of shouting “Lily” you shouted “Baby, Baby!” Lily used to lead a lot of the games but you are more confident now, and will tell her if you want her to be the mummy while you play the dog and crawl and woof on the floor.


This is you photobombing mummys bump photo… you are holding your frozen cover as you had just been using it as a cape!

You are able to follow simple directions now, and you tidy toys, find shoes & clothes and put things in the dustbin. You love helping mummy and daddy and putting liquid/power in the washing machine and tablets in the dishwasher. You help stirring and you spoon out cake mix and putting chopped vegetables into the steamer tray, and recently you helped painting our decking and watering our plants. You are very good at asking for help when you know you can’t do something by yourself.

Your fine motor control is excellent and you can expertly feed yourself yoghurt and spoons full of peas. Lily has an alphabet wooden jigsaw puzzle with all 26 letters and you are amazingly fast at knowing where each piece of the puzzle goes, and skillfully twisting and turning the them the right way to fit. You can take your clothes off, wrap covers round yourself and you can shake the covers straight on the ground for pretend beds and picnics with Lily.

You love books and babies, you will spend hours flicking through books, and pushing your pretend baby round in a pushchair. You lay your baby carefully on covers, pretend to feed and give her a bottle, and Ive even caught you taking a wipe from the wipe packet to wipe her bottom, before coming to find me and saying “clean bum”. You love building towers and playing with Lego, and you do the “Lily Line” which means you find a collect a large amount of small toys and line them all up from one room through to another in a very long and neat line. You have recently started to enjoy dressing up, you used to hate it and cry but now you ask to put dress up clothes on!

You love being active, and exploring outside. You love climbing and slides and you can jump properly on the trampoline, but you get REALLY upset when James or Lily try to jump with you because you cant keep your balance and you fall over, but you make your thoughts clear and shout “NO!” You can peddle James old tractor for short distances and you squat to play or pick things up. You can run safely now on even ground, and you have been able to climb up steps and stairs well for a while now!


Opening your birthday cards

You have been showing signs of being a lefty for about 6 months now, but it’s becoming more and more obvious you prefer your left hand, and you love drawing with pencils and crayons, and on your magnetic drawing board. You even have a firm tripod grip, perfect for writing!

You absolutely adore your brother and sister and really look up to them, and think you should be doing everything they do… today you brought me Lily’s roller skates and told me “on” in a commanding voice, and cried when we told you that you were too little (thou if mummy wasnt pregnant, or daddy’s back was better, we would probably have given you a go anyway). Today James came in from school with Daddy, and you and Lily swamped him with cuddles, you were both so pleased to see him, and he was equally pleased to get such a reaction! You let James help you down from the trampoline, and Lily often helps you with your shoes and coat now. Lily loves waking you up after your nap, and your always so pleased to see her, she holds your hand and checks you climb downstairs safely. You all like combing each others hair, even James will sit for ages brushing hair! When I brush Lily’s hair on a morning for school, I always do yours afterwards and you are really good at sitting nicely.


This is you cuddling your big sister when she was feeling poorly, you were both watching TV and have the same expression!


Baths and showers are high on your enjoyment list, and if we mention the B word you run upstairs and start taking your clothes off, you get a little sad when its time to come out. You are a formidable force in the bath and everyone  gets soaked, but you are so brave and you happily lay down for your hair washing. You also enjoy brushing your teeth, and James and Lily always make sure you have some toothpaste on your toothbrush ready for you.

You love praise and love being asked to do small tasks, you can see the pride in your smile and voice when you return and tell us you have finished your task “All done” you tell us.

We have started to toilet train you, and you enjoy sitting on the potty and doing a wee. (Mostly because we sing nursery rhymes while you are on the potty, and if you wee I carry it to the toilet, and let you flush and wash your hands like a big girl) We havent put much time into this because Mummy is heavily pregnant, and its hard to bend down to help you!


James and Lily helping you with your birthday cards.

Food is one of our challenges as you arent very interested, you love yoghurt, peas and most fruit, but dislike meat & vegetables. We have to get very creative to help you try new things, and you love it when we all cheer when you eat something! You are very interest in some food groups and if “choc choc” or “weeties” were healthy, we would have no worries!

It makes Mummy and Daddy laugh sometimes when you pretend to be upset, we can see that you arent really upset, as you act completely differently, you keep your chin right down to your chest while you make a crying noise, but we can see you trying to hide your cheeky smile! You love to cheer, thumbs up and high-five when you have done something good! Lots of things you do make us laugh and smile, your enthusiasm for life is infectious.

We love you to the stars and back little lady, and we always will xx

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