Dear Beautiful Amy.

You are three years old, and I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

You are my big girl, and you wont hear anyone call you a baby without a stern word. At home you are fiercely independent, following in the much bigger footsteps of Lily and James, you keep up with them well and they treat you like you are their age, which you love. I admire your determination to succeed and to share whats on your mind. Your passion for life and everything you do is beautiful, and your smile lights up the room, and your excitement & happiness is catching.

Your vocabulary has exploded recently, but your depth of conversation at the moment is amazing. You sometimes get so excited, its impossible to keep up with what you are trying to say and we have to calm you down so you can explain. You told me yesterday your orange was ‘licious (delicious)

You love team Team Umizoomi and can count to 10 independently, and 20+ with help. You know most of your colours and you have even started to learn some sounds and letters.

You recently caught chicken pox, and you were really pleased! (you were the last of your siblings to catch it) and you loved looking at your spots, you called them chicken spots.

You found a spot on my face and told me I had chicken pox recently, I told you that it was a beauty spot, and since them you keep reminding me of my ‘beautiful chicken spot’.

You love nursery and confidently leave us to join in and play, you tell us stories about what you have done now at home, which is lovely to hear.

With other children you can be shy, you prefer interacting with adults. When we go to soft play you often stay with me rather exploring.

You getting better on your feet everyday, but you are still finding balance have the slight toddler clumsiness. You can fall over your own shadow and you have my heart in my throat when you ride your scooter or bike.

You are really emotionally mature for your age, and are able to express your feelings with confidence. You tell us you are happy or sad. Recently you have expanded this and yesterday you informed me that you were grumpy, which was accurate!

You are very loving and affectionate, you love being carried / cuddled. You think nothing of diving on top of Mummy and Daddy, and you take every opportunity to climb onto a knee for a cuddle. You give amazing cuddled, you wrap your legs and arms around us and throw your entire body into the cuddle.

You have a fab relationship with your siblings. You love James, and you make each other laugh, when you laugh it comes straight from your belly and is contagious. You spend hours playing pretend games with Lily. You love making Ava smile, and are very caring and protective towards her.

You were playing with a cover recently and pretending it was your cape, like Elsa from frozen, and Ava crawled on the back and was hitching a lift around the living room. It made you a little sad but Ava was having a lot of fun!

You are so tall, people often think you are much older than what you are, and your hair is getting so long and straight, it used to have a slight wave but as it’s getting longer it’s almost as straight as Lily’s.

You are amazing in so many ways, and I am so proud to be your Mummy

I love you to the stars and back again, and I always will. amy








Amy always enjoys the swings.

Amy always enjoys the swings.