Beautiful Amy, You are 2 and an half!

Dear Beautiful Amy.

You are two and an half years old now and I can’t believe that its been three months since my last letter.

You are such a good, happy & content little lady. You have a beautiful cheeky smile and you love to be involved in absolutely everything. Your passion and enthusiasm for the simplest things is catching. You are such a happy character, your smile lights up our world. Despite being so happy and easy-going, you have a fierce, fiesty side and you defend yourself when you feel something is unfair.


You are a real sweetheart and this morning you told me I was pretty, you are incredibly sweet. (I had bed head, yesterdays mascara and was sleep deprived; not pretty!)

So much has changed in the last few months. You are now nearly fully toilet trained, you have the odd accident when you are engrossed in something, but otherwise you almost there.

You started Nursery in September, 5 weeks ago now. I was nervous about leaving you, but you really love going, and you chat about your day. You are creative and love cutting, sticking, and painting. You especially enjoy the sandpit and playing outside. You are developing a beautiful bond with the nursery staff and you talk about them through the week.

You are a complete Daddy’s girl and you adore spending time with your Daddy.


Last time I wrote your communication was really starting to develop, and you could answer questions and express your feelings. Now you lead the conversation, talking about what you see, feel and your memories. You love talking and expressing your opinion, you love telling us if you like or dislike things, and often change your mind just to gauge our reaction and response.

You still love ‘Team Umizoomi’ on TV, and I honestly think this is one of the big reasons you can count to 10 already, sometimes further, with help you can count to 20. You are a big fan of a program called ‘Heidi’ too and keep asking to go to the mountains to see Peter and Grandfather.


Ava absolutely adores you, and you are the perfect big sister. When you smile and chat to her, her entire face lights up and she gets so excited she cant even giggle, so she just sqeaks!

Lily is your partner in crime, and although you are close to all your siblings your bond with Lily is especially strong, and she is exceptionally caring over you. She is the first person to your side when you need help, although your feisty independent side doesn’t always accept the help she offers. You love playing teachers with Lily or ‘the baby game’ where you are the baby and Lily is Mummy.

You have a quiet, shy side, which reminds me of Lily when she was younger. Around strangers you prefer to stand back and observe. You prefer to stay quiet and you don’t talk much. It takes a while for people to gain your trust and confidence, but when they do you are happy and talkative.

You give the biggest cuddles ever, full body cuddles, you completely wrap all your limbs and hold us tight for a long time.

You are amazing in so many ways, and I am so proud to be your Mummy

I love you to the stars and back again

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