Dear Beautiful Lily

Its been 6 months since I wrote your last letter, I had planned to write every 3 months, but your last letter fell just after Ava’s birth and Daddy’s operation and our house was a bit crazy!

You are now 4 and a half years old, you are growing so fast, and I can’t believe you start school in September. The last few months you have grown so much, at 106cm you are only a few centimetres smaller than James even though he has had a growth spurt too!

You are really developing your own sense of style, you love bright colours and stripes. You are such a girly girl, and love pretty skirts/shorts and sandals. You love your hair, it’s getting really long, you love ponytails and French plaits! You love your nails painted, you ask about make-up and you want to wear perfume

You love nature and want to hold anything you find from worms & newts to frogs. You love animals, and you especially love cats and dogs. You enjoy feeding treats to Nanna and Grandad’s dog Blade, you ask him to sit nicely and give him your paw before handing his treat over, you even give him a cuddle before we leave!

You don’t hold back your thoughts and have a cheeky smile, yesterday you asked why my stomach was wobbly, but today you linked arms with me, smiled and said we were twins.

You are a fantastic big sister, you and Amy are best friends. You love playing ‘the baby game’ with Amy, you are the Mummy, and you spend hours using your imagination. You are so caring, you help Amy dress and put her shoes if Mummy is busy, you pass her things she can’t reach. You check she is okay and ask her if she wants the toilet now she is toilet training. You are so thoughtful and loving, it melts our hearts to see you together.

You have a strong relationship with James, although together you are quite competitive, but you both love each others company and spend hours laughing and giggling together. You love watching James play games on his computer, and you have learnt to use your the mouse and keyboard on your computer to build houses and castles on Minecraft, your imagination is amazing.

You have developed a really strong friendship with Sophia, a friend from school, and you love walking home together and are inseparable in class. Its only been recently that I have heard you mention any other girls name, and we are both upset that you are in separate classes in September. You will still see her during the school day and I have my fingers crossed that you are in the same class again next year, I hope your friendship stays strong.

You love cuddling Ava and you shout in delight when she responds and smiles back at you. You talk to her to make her smile and sing when she is feeling sad.

You love dancing and moving your body to the beat, you decide which songs you like and ask for us to play them, or to watch them on Youtube.

You recently watched ‘Spy Kids’ and you want to be a spy, its your favourite film.

We have recently started learning to read before you start school in September and you are learning so quickly. Already you can recognise some sight words from learning with James, and now we are working on letters and blending. You love singing phonics songs with Mummy.

You have a real energy, and when you smile your eyes dance, you have beautiful eyes.

You make us proud each and every day. I’m proud to call you my daughter and proud to be your friend.

I love you to the stars and back again, and I always will.


Hakuna Matata

Helping Amy. Amy had striped completely naked, and you helped her fully dress and put her shoes on so she could play outside. I had said there wasn’t time to play, but after all your effort I couldn’t say no!