Dear Lily – You Are Six!

My gorgeous girl, you are six years old! Six seems so much more grown-up somehow and I can’t believe it has been six whole years since we welcomed you into our lives.

You started a new school in September. It was a completely new school, and building work had only just been completed a few months earlier. Your best friend also moved across too, and you knew a few other children in your new class. For the first week, you were really teary and it was hard to leave you because you were scared. Your school was brilliant at helping all the children settle. Within a week you were happy and content and had lots of new friends, which was such a relief for Mummy & Daddy.

The teachers are outstanding, there is a real sense of community, not only amongst the children but amongst all the staff and parents too. The academic progress you are making is amazing, and you can talk with confidence about all your subjects from maths to music.

Speaking of confidence, your confidence is getting stronger and stronger each day, and you are such a thoughtful and caring young lady. You are always the first to share all your sweets from party’s or gifts equally between your siblings, and you continue to share your sweets even when your siblings choose not to share theirs. You naturally include everyone and you always make time for your little sisters.

At soft-play recently you waited patiently for Ava to follow you, helped her when she got stuck and held things out her way so she could climb through safely. All that comes completely naturally to you, you are such a kind-hearted young lady.

We had your eyes tested in September and they found you are slightly short-sighted. You chose a beautiful pair of Dory glasses and you didn’t complain once. You are really good at caring for your glasses and remembering to wear them. Looking back now. it’s strange seeing pictures of you NOT wearing glasses!

You are a sensitive soul, just like your mummy and you easily take things to heart. At the same time, if you don’t think somethings fair you will let us know! You thrive on equality and your world is black and white, right or wrong.

You are creative and love writing and drawing. We always find you writing notes and drawing pictures at home, and encourage your sisters to help. Your writing has really progressed in the last few months from large uneven letters to smaller formed joined words. You were awarded your ‘joining licence’ at school a few weeks ago (which means you can begin to join up your letters as you are forming them all correctly in cursive handwriting) and you were thrilled.

Your creative streak also is visible in technology, you love using colourful blocks on Minecraft to make some amazing creations and you take lots of photographs and videos on your tablet.

In pretend play you completely immerse yourself. You always take on a caring/leader role. You are really assertive when you are playing with your sisters, but they love to follow your lead and will happily join in.

You are my little daredevil. You love anything adventurous like climbing, roller-coasters, heights and fast speeds! I am a little scared of where this adventure streak will take you when you get older, although you are sensible and I trust you to stay safe.

You have developed a real passion for music recently. You have your own taste and style in music, and you listen for songs you enjoy on the radio so you can ask the name and find them later on Youtube. You love songs that have a good beat, like ‘Girlfriend’ by Avril Lavigne, or songs that have soul like the ‘Frozen’ or ‘Trolls’ soundtrack.

You love dancing too, and always dance with a huge smile on your face. You put on shows and sing and dance along to music, encouraging your siblings to join in and it’s beautiful to see you happy, carefree smile. You want to be a singer when you grow up!

My gorgeous girl, you are beautiful, both inside and out, and I love you to ends of the earth.

I am so incredibly proud of you, and I always will be.

Love, Mummy