Dear James

You are 5 and a half years old! You are such an intelligent logical little man, filled with enthusiasm, a thirst for knowledge, and a limitless energy. Your passion for everything you do is so strong, and you fill all our lives with laughter.


You communication skills and depth of language are improving rapidly and you choose your vocabulary wisely to express yourself, you enjoying using new words and finding out what words mean. You are beginning to explore language and you understand some words have double meanings (puns). We were talking about your library books recently and explaining they have to be returned to the library on time or we get a fine. Your reply was “It’s fine to get a fine!” and you waited for us to get the joke. Daddy got it immediately, Mummy was a bit slower on the uptake! You take an interest in lots of things, and you ask relevent questions to find out more information, you have a thirst for knowledge and sometimes Mummy has to research to find the answer  (thank goodness for google)


Your reading is really progressing and you are now on the yellow band of the Oxford Reading Tree. School have introduced a reward system where you get a point for reading each day for a week, and the challenge is getting to 10 points. You received your silver certificate for the challenge and are in joint first place at the moment, you are so proud. You love reading each evening and get a bit upset if you think there isn’t time, but Mummy and Daddy think reading is important too so we make time! You can read your sight words fluently and you are sounding some words in your head now. We have to make sure we change your books often, as your memory is excellent and if you read a book more than twice you remember the story and start guessing the words rather than taking the time to read them, you sometimes need to slow down a little. You enjoy reading words anywhere and everywhere, from shops and celebration cards to cereal packets, you are enjoying your new skill.


Your writing is improving too, and you enjoy writing and making lists, Mummy and Daddy love seeing things you have written and working out what they say, as you are still learning to spell!

You are growing rapidly, we measured you on Lily’s 4th Birthday and you measured 105cm, and only 2 months later you now measure 108cm. You weigh 3st 4lb, which is a nice and healthy weight for your height. You enjoy being healthy and love exercising (running, jumping on the trampoline and doing your starwars/jedi moves!). You are really fast at running now, and can run like the wind. You have recently learnt a new trick on the trampoline, you bounce on your knees, go up into a handstand then do a roly-poly afterwards (You tried teaching Lily but she cant do it just yet) You enjoy a healthy balanced diet (unlike your sisters) and the only food group you don’t really enjoy is fruit, but you like apples and eat a wide range of vegetables.

You have a passion for technology and games. Your favourite time of the day is the time you spend on your computer, and you enjoy strategy games that are way above your age range, you are extremely logical and love working things out. Your favourite game at the moment is Age of Empires : Castle Siege, and you have even got Mummy and Daddy playing it too!!


You are good with your sisters and like working as a team (We call our family team “Team Tasker”) and you will help them turn the TV over, reach for things they can’t reach and help them work things out. You love making people laugh and if you discover someone finds something funny you remember and repeat it, especially with Amy!


You love pretend play, and like to control whats happening, but so does Lily so this occasionally causes a little bit of bickering! You love playing outside and being active, as well as digging, planting, getting dirty, playing with bubbles and water. Your favourite TV program is Star Wars, but you also have been asking to watch Power Rangers a lot, you want to be the red one, because he’s in charge!


You are quite competitive (in a nice way) and you enjoy the thrill of a challenge, but occasionally it leads you into trouble. We bumped into an older boy from your school in a shop recently and you both started chatting about the films you had seen, Mummy overheard you telling him you had seen a film you hadn’t, and I asked you about it later, you explained you were ‘joking’ and I explained that wasnt really classed as joking

All in all you are turning into a beautiful, well-rounded young man, and we love to see your confidence, independence and character develop each day. We love you to the stars and back again and we are so proud of you.

Love Mummy & Daddy.