Dear James

I can barely believe that another 3 months has passed and I am writing another letter.

You are well and truly settled into Year 1 at school now, and spelling, reading and homework are a big part of our week. You really love going to school, and you especially love choosing time when you can choose what you want to do. You love creating models or huge mazes to bring home, often with several sheets of paper taped together.

You started going to beavers back in September and it is the highlight of your week. You have made models, created things, done experiments, made biscuits and buns and done all manner of games and exercises. I think you will love camping in the warmer weather with your friends.

Your understanding of the English Language is growing each week, and you love puns and riddles. You have an amazing sence of humor and you love teasing your sisters and making them laugh. Lily can make you laugh just as much now and she has you in fits of giggles when you talk.

If I had to describe you in one word, that word would be logical. You work things out quickly and can easily put things in order and find solutions to problems. Daddy recently showed you how to play a strategy game called Supreme Commander on the computer, you picked it up so quickly you left your Mummy and Daddy speechless!

You favourite game is Starwars, you love anything Starwars related and Daddy has promised to let you watch the films, including the new one which has just been released.

You love helping out at home, and you often agree to swap cups/plates when the girls want a particular colour, Mummy is always very thankful for this as it solves a lot of unhappiness. You love routine, organisation and fairness and often try to remind your sisters if you think they are doing something wrong.

You love spending time with Ava, and you have her in fits of giggles by making noises, dancing and pulling funny faces. Amy and Lily love and admire you, they want to be able to do everything you can do, which is tricky when they are younger.

You told your headteacher at school that you want to be a builder, engineer and a scientist. You love the idea of experiments, and building houses and robots.

You are amazing James, and I never want you to forget that. The world is your oyster and the possibilities are endless.

We love you to the stars and back again and always will.