Dear James

It’s hard to believe that you only have one month left before you begin a new adventure in Year 1, the progress you and your class have made this year is outstanding! You seem very grow up now, and its hard to put my finger on exactly why. You hold conversations well and you are able to talk about your feelings and ask relevant questions. You are extremely logical, have a good memory, you love finding out the answers to things that puzzle you. You are very friendly and you confidently make friends with both older and younger children. You will happily listen to other your peers but you have an astute sense of right and wrong, everything is black and white in your eyes, there are no grey areas! Your view on life is refreshing and you teach me and daddy as much as we teach you!


You were “Star of the week” at school last week and you were so proud of yourself (So were we!) You showed us your sticker and certificate, and told us about the badge you wore at school. You were very proud at your progress in the reading challenge, you are on number 16 which means you have read every night for 16 weeks, well done James! When you started reception you could tell me what most letters were and you could read simple words , but now you are a confident and fluent reader. Your writing is good and your phonics knowledge is superb and you can write full sentences, and we can easily read what they say even when your spellings amiss.

I remember being really worried about you eating school dinners, because you were a fussy eater! Now you eat (or at least try) lots of different foods, and even encourage your sisters to try foods that they haven’t tried!

You learnt how to ride your bike without stabilizers a few weeks ago. The “Tour de Yorkshire” visited our town and we decided to learn to ride to celebrate. We had a rocky start because you fell off and hurt your finger and knee and you were reluctant to try, but you did, and you learnt quickly. You like to “bump up” curbs, which sends mummy’s heart rate soaring!

You favourite game at the moment is Minecraft, you love building things using the different coloured blocks, and it’s improved your mouse and keyboard control!


You love being part of our family, you make us all laugh and smile with your cheeky personality, though sometimes you wind your sisters up (but it’s okay, they get their own back!) You are a bit competitive with Lily because she is so close in age, and she likes to have her say! You look after Amy and she loves giving you hugs, although she’s still a messy eater and you don’t like it when she tries to kiss you when she has food around her mouth! You love cuddling Ava and making her smile!

We have been picking your cousin up from school recently, and he finishes 10 minutes after you, so we wait in the school playground for him. Everyone seems to know you, and I hear lots of people call your name, you confidently interact with them and look happy and settled. You wonder away from my side to chat or ride your bike, but you stay in sight and keep coming back to see me. I realise that during the day you ARE independent, and it makes me proud that you are such a friendly, confident, capable little man, who is growing up far too quickly.

We love you to the stars and back again, and always will

Love Mummy and Daddy