Dear Beautiful Ava

You have been a part of our family for three whole months now, and I marvel at how much you have changed in that short space of time. You fit so perfectly into our family, and you are doing exactly what you are supposed to do… growing, learning and thriving.

You have developed a sweet, content personality. You are most alert in the late evening, just like you were in mummy’s belly! You love being held, comforted and talked to, and you reward us with huge smiles. You adore your daddy and he has almost had some giggles! You love being close and really enjoy being in the woven wrap, mummy’s heartbeat keeps you calm and content. You are still enjoying a night feed, by this time your siblings were sleeping through, and honestly; its exhausting, but each time we see that smile we are reminded that its worth it.

You love your hands and prefer them to be close to your face, you love sucking your fingers for comfort. Your eyes love following us around the room, and you instantly recognise familiar voices and look for them, smiling when you make eye contact. When you are excited you throw your arms in the air and kick your legs with a huge smile on your face. Your whole face lights up when you smile and I know that your smile will have the ability to light up a room for the rest of your life.

You are wearing size 3 nappies now, you have outgrown all of your first baby clothes and some of your 3-6 month clothes are getting snug. Your cheeks have filled out and you have grown in length. You have had your first set of immunisations, Daddy took you because Mummy was on a school trip to Filey with James & Lily. Daddy said you were really brave and didn’t cry much.


You love to stretch-out your body when you wake up, you lift your arms in the air and arch your back, scrunching your face as you go, it’s very cute. You are very aware of your surroundings now, and try to reach for things to hold and play with. You love being sat up, and if we lay you back you try to lean forward to sit up. Your neck is really steady and you can sit for short periods supported by just a hand on your tummy.

You like being in the car, but only when its moving, if we stop for traffic lights, you like to inform us loudly that you would prefer to be moving!

Your eyes seem to be getting bluer each day, and your hair (the tiny bit you have) is still a vivid ginger colour at the very back, just like your brother and sisters. I know that it wont last long, and in a few short months it will start turning blond just like your siblings.

Your brother and sisters love you, they love helping and hate to see you cry. They bring you your dummy, or dance and sing to you when you are sad. They like to kiss you before bedtime and they love to give you a cuddle when your awake.

I love you so much and feel incredibly lucky to have you.

Love Mummy