You are five months old, and I honestly cant believe you have been a part of our little family nearly half a year already, yet at the same time it feels like you have always been here.

You are growing and learning more each day. You reach out for things now, and although you are still practising using those tiny fingers and hands, you stare with so much concentration and look pleased with yourself when you manage to hold on to the object of your intention.

You completely surprised Mummy and Daddy by cutting your first tooth the day after you turned 5 months old, its the front one on your right and you have been much happier since it cut through.

You can almost sit unaided now for a few seconds, your core strength is getting stronger each day and you love the chance it gives you to see and explore you surroundings. You love bouncing in the door bouncer, especially as Lily and Amy absolutely love playing with you when you are in there, you are never short of attention.

Your smile lights up my world and when you laugh I cant help but stop what ever I am doing to gaze and smile in your direction. You love our little family, and especially love your siblings. Amy imparticular devotes a lot of her time to helping you, and she always exclaims “oh no” if you start to cry and goes in search of a toy or a dummy to cheer you up.

We started you on solids last month and you have tried a wide range of foods, but its not really interesting you just yet, but you enjoy a little taste. Your favourite food is apricot yogurt. Thats right Miss Ava, not just yogurt, you like the apricot yogurt better than the other flavours!

You are getting such a big girl, you are wearing mostly 6-9 month clothing already, and some 9-12 month clothes, and you weight 1st 4lb. You are very vocal now a days too, and to think I once worried you werent making much noise! You favourite sound is Da-da-da, followed by goya-goya-goya, and you always look really pleased with yourself when you are talking away.

You love being close to Mummy and Daddy, so much so we our woven wrap every day instead of your pushchair, you love being nice and close to Mummy, and I know you are safe.

We love you little lady, to the ends of the earth and back again.

Mummy xx