I absolutely love child logic, and how children find magic in everything.

I have been practicing taking photos on a DSLR camera this week, and Amy has been a very willing participant. She absolutely loves the camera and rewards us with some award-winning smiles. She pulls some brilliant expressions as she goes about her daily adventures, and I have been trying hard to capture some of them, unfortunately the DSLR is a bit hard to hide, and as soon as she spots it she finds her camera smile and I miss those amazing expressions!

Today she has ask to take photos with her eyes closed, because she wanted to see what she looks like.



This is the result! Very cute. She really liked it, and I’m a little worried that she wont open her eyes for photos again! She enjoys looking at herself in the mirror and she spends hours pulling funny faces and dancing, and she loves looking at photos on my mobile and computer.

We have been decorating recently and we have taken all our picture frames down from the living room. There was a photo of Amy as a baby, and she looks exactly like Ava does now, I love how similar our children look. Even I can’t tell them apart on some photos and have to look for other clues in the picture! Amy loved looking at herself, and thought it was really funny that she had a dummy in her mouth. She ran to show Mr T and clearly explained to him that the picture was of her as a baby, she found the dummy hilarious and her laugh really came from her belly!

I love listening to her talk, especially now her vocabulary is expanding. Her questions have a real depth now, and she repeats a lot of what we say. Her speech is becoming so clear; to us anyway, I am not sure other people can understand as clearly, but I secretly like that!



I am joining the lovely Katie from MummyDaddyMe for #TheOrdinaryMoments