Princess Amy, 21 Months

Dear Amy

You are 21 months old, and quite an amazing little character! You are developing so fast it’s hard for Mummy and Daddy to keep up! The biggest changes this month are that you can JUMP and say “James” and “Lily” but they sound a bit more like “ames” and “leeee”!



You had your first hair cut this month. I sat you in your chair and trimmed the back of your hair, you kept trying to turn to see what I was doing but apart from that you were such a good girl, and you sat nice and still for mummy. The hair at the back of your head is really curly and even with the curls it was almost reaching past your shoulders! The hair at the front of your head is starting to grow too, making you look more and more like a toddler every day.

You can jump, and you love jumping and spinning. You love holding mummy and daddys hands to steady yourself, but you can jump on your own too. You were really excited about your bath tonight and started jumping up and down holding the side of the bath. You love spinning too, especially in the kitchen (I think its because its easier to spin on the lino than on the carpet). You shout “spin” and you spin around until you fall over from dizzyness, I think you like the feeling of being dizzy, even when you are dizzy you still try to stand up to spin some more. We do tell you to be careful, but you dont listen for very long and as soon as our backs are turned you are back upto mischief.

You are very confident on your feet now, and you are good at walking outside too, although you still get tired and dont object to being carried. We took you to the soft play area at the Wishing well today and you loved sliding down the slide, you even tried to go into the big area and you nearly managed to climb to the next level, I dont think it will be long before you can! You can open the baby-gate now too (something Lily has only learnt to do in the last 6 months) it sometimes takes you a minuite or so, but you are getting faster. If Mummy wasnt pregnant we would be taking the baby-gates down, as they are a bit pointless now you can open them!


This is you naughtly stealing a sip of Mummys diet coke, we dont like you drinking sugary drinks!

You love your independance and you love learning to do new things. Today Daddy let you brush your own teeth and you came to show me what a good job you were doing, you looked really proud of yourself! You try to dress yourself everyday, but you havent really got the hang of where the clothes go, and you dont mind if you are putting the clothes on top of your pj’s! You put both your feet through the arm holes of a t-shirt one morning, and you tried to stand up and walk away, gettting frustated and crying for a second when you realised it hadn’t worked.

You are getting more affectionate each day and love giving kisses to everyone now, last month you wern’t so keen! You love coming into our bedroom for a cuddle when you wake on a morning, but dont mind who you cuddle. One morning recently you climbed into Lilys bed for cuddles instead of Mummy & Daddys bed, and you both then decided to play in your bedroom instead of coming for your morning cuddle with us.



You pull some really expressive faces, just like Mummy your face conveys exactly what you are feeling!

You still love helping, and you correctly put rubbish in the bin now, a few months ago we had to keep a check as socks and toys sometimes found there way in the bin too. You like playing with the buttons on the drier and washing maching too, and I’ve found you trying to play with dials on the cooker, you always know when your being a little naughty because you jump when we call your name!

You have really enjoyed the last month, over christmas Daddy, James and Lily have all being at home and you have loved their company. You spend a lot of time playing games with Lily, she is really good and involves you in everything, thou you have the occasional disagreement if you both want the same toy but on the whole you play really nicely together. You love dressing up, especially with coats, hats and scarves! James loves making you smile and you love giggling at him when he pulls faces or makes funny noices!



You are getting much better at communicating, and you enjoy chatting away to us whenever you get a chance, some of your words are really really clear, especially please, if you want something, you point and say please, which is very very sweet! When we ask you to say words, you try and you are doing so well, your vocalbulary has more than doubled since last month. You spend a lot of time watching and copying everyone, and you love being treated like a little girl rather than a baby, you can see the pride in your eyes when you achieve something. If you cant do something you let us know, when you take your coat off, you know it needs hanging up so you hand it to someone to help (sometimes Lily!)

Your favouite toy isΒ  your magnetic drawing board, you love carrying it around the house, drawing a picture then wiping it clean. You like soft toys too, and you have so many in your bed there is hardly room for you! Your favourite is Tigger. You dont get much chance to watch TV but when we put the TV on you immediatly climb on the sofa and get comfortable. You love cuddles while you watch TV, and if someone is sat on the sofa you love sitting next to them. You love copying too, if I get my mobile to make a call, you get your toy phone to make a ‘call’ yourself.


A barely touched tea of chicken and rice, but you are happy to try some toffee doughnut!

You are a good sleeper, you dont always need to nap anymore during the day now, it makes you (and Mummy!) very tired at bedtime, but now most of your teeth have cut through, and you are nearly fully recovered well from your bad cold, you are sleeping really well. When you are poorly or hurting you like to be nice and close, so we use your ring sling to keep you cuddled up to mummy and you enjoy the closeness.

You are still a Daddys girl and daddy is your favourite word, if you want your Daddy you call for him loud and clear.


You are a really happy and content little girl and you love being involved, helping and being part of everything we do. You are amazing little character and you make everyone smile with your happiness and your beautiful smile. You are loved to the ends of the earth by our entire family and you are a pleasure to be around.

We will love you always and forever

Love Mummy and Daddy


  1. Louise George January 9, 2015 at 10:33 pm - Reply

    Gorgeous update – love the photos, such a beautiful smile. Well done Amy on being able to jump – my eldest has only recently managed to do this with both feet off the ground and she is 3! πŸ™‚

    • Hannah January 11, 2015 at 8:17 pm - Reply

      Shes been trying to jump since she could walk, she loves copying! Thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚

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