Dear Amy

I can’t believe you are 23 months old, and in just one more month we will be celebrating your 2nd Birthday. You have so many developments this month, its hard to keep up! Your speech is amazing and you are stringing words together now to form sentences. You are gaining independence at a rapid rate and you want to do EVERYTHING yourself, which is beautiful but very time-consuming! Your fine motor skills are amazing for your age, you can put your own gloves on, unfasten clothing and your coat and you spend hours completing wooden jigsaw’s, including Lily’s alphabet one! You twist and turn the letters to fit the spaces with ease and you are so quick!

Your hair is growing beautifully, but isn’t quite long enough to tie back tidily so you often look a bit wild, especially when we are outside now it’s getting warm enough to leave your hat at home

You are getting more confident on your feet each day, but you rarely look where you are going and often fall over toys and feet, even your own! You love climbing and slides and would happily spend hours playing on a slide. You can open the baby gates really quickly now, and we arent really sure why we have them anymore! The top stair gate is slightly different and you havent figured that one out yet thankfully!

You love trying to dress yourself, and you can successfully put clothes on all by yourself, the problem is you don’t take your old clothes off first so we have to redress you!

You are really affectionate and love nothing more than a cuddle and a kiss. You also really enjoy holding hands now, and we often hold your hand to calm you down when you are feeling sad and a cuddle isn’t possible (like in the car)

You love all our little family, and your face lights up when you see someone you havent seen in a while. You have a really close bond with Lily, she dedicates hours of her time to playing and involving you in everything she does, and making you giggle, and its heartwarming to see you together. Sometimes you don’t listen when Mummy asks you something, but if lily asks you, you will obey! You are also a daddy’s girl at heart and love spending time with Daddy, and you make sure you give him a big welcome home when her arrives back from work. James loves making you laugh and can get a bit protective over you if he doesn’t think Lily is being fair, but he needn’t worry because you can fight your own battles!

You absolutely love books and puzzles, as well as watching anything and everything on tv. You like going out too and have started bringing me your coat when you want to go outside.

Your speech is amazing and your vocabulary has tripled in the last few months. I was teasing you today and you called me “cheeky”! You also ask for Calpol if you are hurting or unwell. Daddy found a caterpillar today and you said caterpillar really clearly. Your favourite words at the moment are “I do it” and that all feeds into your growing independence.

You don’t nap as much now and only have  a nap 3/4 days a week, but if you don’t you get really grumpy and upset in the evening, so we try to let you have some quiet time even if you dont sleep.

You bring us so much happiness with your easy smile and contagious giggles, and we are so lucky to have you as our daughter. It’s truly amazing watching you grow and develop and we love you to the stars and back again

Love Mummy and Daddy