Slow Mornings

There is something about waking naturally, rather than to the sound of an alarm or the radio. It always makes the mornings seem much more relaxed, even if they do start at the usual time of 7am (Yes, we are VERY lucky!).

My favourite part of the school holidays is losing the rush to leave the house. I absolutely love making a coffee for myself and Mr. T and taking it back to bed. (Secretly, I like it better when Mr T makes the coffee!) Just curling up under the duvet, with a hot drink and chatting has been amazing. Some mornings all the children join us, some mornings they all vanish down stairs to play. Its just a nice to catch up, because with the usual rush of school we hardly see each other before Mr. T dashes off to work.

Despite our beautiful slow mornings, this week has also been really hard. I’ve not been very well and looking after four children in the summer holidays is pretty manic, even when running at full power. They want to be constantly on the go, and I’ve had pain in my jaw and a virus which has meant we have spent much of the week at home.

Fast Weekends

Even when the mornings are slow, the weekends are still pretty manic. We have had a skip delivered outside our house, ready to take away our kitchen rubble from our kitchen renovation. We also planned to take a brick wall down at the back of our garden and level the ground to make room for our trampoline. Things rarely go to plan, so instead of taking one weekend, its taken two. Complete with a trip to the hospital when Mr. T hit his hand with the hammer!

It was a bit of a relief to escape for a few hours, to go to a friends birthday party.

My first go at capturing shots in manual at a dark venue!

Lily loved her cat facepaint

Ava insisted on wearing her denim jacket, which she loves!

I love this shot, taken just before I realised that all of Lily’s fringe had escaped (we are growing it out!) Ava is gazing up at Lily and you can see the love in her eyes.

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