Dear Beautiful Lily

The last few months have been so busy, and your transition in to reception you found difficult, but I am proud of your resilience and you have settled in well. You seem so much more grown up in the last few months since your last letter. I really miss you now that you are at school for full days.

You are 108cm tall now, you are all arms and legs! You are very confident on your feet and if there is an adventure playground to conquer you are the first to the top, you are so nimble and quick.

You are very creative and you find it easy to express your feelings and moods through drawing and writing. You love practising letters and number and you are writing words already, even though you have only just started to blend letters to read! You love drawing and Daddy and I really treasure your pictures, we especially love the people you draw, seeing one of your drawings is like seeing the world through your eyes.

You can already can count well and can add numbers together already, your class teacher is really pleased with your progress so far and sets you mini challenges, you always work really hard and try your best . You are practising subtraction at the moment and you are almost there with it. You brought home your first book with words in recently (when you started, you had picture books) and you were really proud. You are becoming more confident each day with blending sounds.

You are such a caring and sensitive little lady. You don’t like to see others feeling sad and you try to cheer them up. The world is black and white in your eyes, things are either good or bad and you like to talk things through and discuss why.

Your confidence is slowly growing, and you are going from strength to strength. You were separated from your close friends in your nursery class, and we were worried that you would find reception hard, but you are very social and you enjoy joining in and taking part.

You are a perfectionist and you love to get things right, you set yourself really high standards and you get frustrated and upset if things don’t go as well as you would like. I think you get that from me, and I want to help you find a happy balance.

You have an amazing bond with your siblings. You love joining in games with James, and you work together as a team to solve problems on the computer. You role play with Amy, Teachers is your new favourite game, and you lead her to all corners of the house pretending to take the register, write letters or visit the office. You love making Ava smile, and she rewards you with the biggest of grins or a little laugh, her laugh is contagious so you both end up laughing!

You can be a fussy eater, and we were worried about dinnertimes at school, but you love school dinners (especially the puddings). You can usually tell me what pudding you have eaten even if you can’t remember your main course!

You are still very much a girly girl, you love dresses and your hair in plaits. You are loving wearing colourful winter hats at the moment, and anything colourful with stripes is a winner in our house.

You are amazing and I am so lucky to be your Mummy.

You make us proud each and every day, and we love you to the stars and back again

Love from Mummy xx

You love this wooden horse and play on it every year we visit

Showing us your hand stamp at Eureka


Collecting seashells in the rain.