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It’s been two whole years since I last wrote, and I’ve just re-read the letter I wrote when you were six. When I first started writing, back when you were just three, I planned to write regularly but time flies by so quickly. It feels like two years have passed by in a blink. Reading those letters, I am so glad I wrote them – for the moments, the memories and the details that I’d forgotten or lost deep in the back of my mind. Reading those words brings back so many memories. It also makes me feel so grateful for our lives. Its made me realise that it really is the small, ordinary details that make the best memories, and I’m determined to spend more time living in the moment.

Hardworking & Passionate

I’m amazed at how much you have grown, and I’ve nodded along at all the qualities that were just emerging back then are huge parts of your personality and character now. You approach everything in life with passion and determination – and you are naturally hardworking and you always try your best and give 100%.

As you grow you will find its impossible to give 100% to everything, and I want you to know, that’s okay. Its the passion you have that’s important, keep hold of that passion and apply it to the things that truly deserve your time & make you happy. Being able to let go of all the other things is a life skill that I am still trying to master. My advice would be to try and keep your expectations realistic and be proud of everything you achieve.

Kind & Caring

You are one of the most, kindest, most caring people I know. You often put others before yourself with love and thought. I still remember the time in reception where you saved your attendance coins for 5 weeks, while your peers were choosing other gifts and stickers. You saved so that you could exchange them for a fairy colouring book for your younger sister Amy.

This year you raised money for your school library by doing a sponsored readathon. You were given a choice of book as a reward, and instead of choosing a book for yourself, you chose one for your brother. You spotted this book and knew it was on his Christmas list, and you wanted to give him a present for Christmas.

The level of thought just melted my heart. Having three siblings means that you don’t receive many ‘things’, in terms of gifts you only really receive them on special occasions, anything you receive at other times of the year, is usually essentials like clothing – the little you do have you choose to give to others:- and that’s just heartwarming.

Of all the problems in our world, too much kindness isn’t one of them. You are thoughtfulness for others goes well beyond your young years, but I want you to know that you are important, and you matter too. You often let others choose what to watch on TV or make choices. Now if this is because you are indifferent and don’t mind, it’s not so bad. I want you to know you have just as much right to choose, and you should never be scared to stand your ground and let your feelings be heard. Never forget that.

School Council

Last year, you were chosen by your class to act as a representative of the school council. Your attendance is usually amazing, but you happened to be off school ill, on the day of the vote. A few friends from your class told you the news that evening when we collected your siblings. You were absolutely thrilled and you loved representing your class on the school council.

Beavers, Gymnastics, Ballet & Tap

You started beavers last year, and your confidence there as really grown. At first, you were reluctant to stay without me, even with your close school friends by your side. I spent weeks sitting on the bench watching your group. You would feel so uncomfortable you would cry and cling to me, and it took a lot of reassurance from me and your group leaders to get you to join in. Several months have passed and now you walk into the room with confidence, you have several badges and you are proud to be a young leader too.

Your confidence is beginning to shine through in other areas too, and you started a Gymnastic class recently and joined in immediately, even though the room was full of strangers.  For Christmas, when you were 6 years old, we bought you and Amy gymnastic mats and you both use these at least a few times a week to practice. You have spent many hours practising and teaching Amy to do handstands, forward rolls and the splits, we thought it was time to find you both a class.

Amy has natural flexibility and fearlessness that helps her shine at gymnastics, but you have to work a little harder to achieve the same results and this frustrates you a little. Try not to compare yourself to others little lady, but celebrate your effort, hard work & achievements. If you must compare, compare your starting point to where you are now, and that will keep you smiling.

You love ballet & tap too, your teacher says you are picking it up really well, and are a natural dancer. You especially love your outfit, and your ballet and tap shoes, and it means you get to spend time with your good friend Lexi. Lexi’s mum and I are friends too, you have known each other since you were just 2 years old and I really hope you stay friends for life.

A fantastic sister.

You have a good relationship with all your siblings and its been a pleasure to see your relationships flourish. You and your brother were born just 16 months apart, and although you are a little younger you have grown up so incredibly close. You divide your time between making each other laugh and winding each other up (which drives me a little crazy). On the whole, your relationship is fairly balanced, and it’s clear to see from the way you chat together and include each other in everything – that you are good friends.

With your younger sisters, you take on a more caring, supportive role. You help without being asked, and without question. If you see someone needs you, you are right there by their side. We don’t tell you as much as we should, but we really appreciate everything you do to help. Recently you have loved taking Ava to bed, reading her a story, tucking her in and saying goodnight. You also love crafting, and gymnastics with Amy, and she really appreciates your time, looks up to you for help and support. You would already love to be a mummy one day, and already I can see that with your patient and caring nature, you would be a natural.

And a totally amazing daughter

We love your generous heart, your endless creativity and your happy sense of humour. You are full of positivity and are always brimming with good ideas. Your smile lights up the room, and you are a thoughtful and caring friend. You are such a good-natured & happy member of our family team. We love you from the deepest part of our hearts. And we always will.

Love Mummy xx

When you were Six


Then you were seven.

Now you are eight.

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